New York Other Visa Lawyer

New York Other Visa Lawyer - There are several types of visas for temporary visitors to the U.S. The type of visa needed is defined by immigration law, and relates to the purpose of your travel. For an overview of the types of nonimmigrant visas available under immigration law, please see Nonimmigrant Visa Classifications on the USCIS Website. For information specific to each visa type, go to the Lawyerfind Network Resource Center

Types of other visas:
Australian (E-3) in Specialty Occupation
Border Crossing Card – Mexican Travelers
Business, Tourist and Visitors
Chile Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
Professional Diplomats and Government Officials
Exchange Visitors
Fiance(e) to Marry U.S. Citizen/Spouse
International Organizations & NATO
Media & Journalists
Mexican and Canadian NAFTA Professional Worker
Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Professional
Temporary Workers Overview
Visa Renewals

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Some common New York Immigration issues include the following:

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