New York Railroad Accident Lawyer

New York Railroad Accident Lawyer - FELA was created to help protect both workers and employers when death or injury has occurred while at the workplace. Railroad workers are put in danger all the time and the company is responsible to provide for a safe working environment. Obtaining a qualified FELA lawyer can be considered the most crucial part of an employee's case.

Regardless of how long a worker has been at their particular company and the nature of their relationship to one another, an injury can change everything. No longer can a worker be viewed as a hardworking, loyal employee, but also as a potentially large liability to the company. Both sides must do what is in their best interests and obtaining a FELA lawyer is the first step.

Companies will often have access to resources that employees may not, mainly due to financial differences. A FELA lawyer will ensure all the employee's legal rights and options are known, and will then proceed to aggressively represent what is in he/she's best interests. Failing to complete certain steps and procedures during a case can disqualify a worker from compensation. FELA lawyers have special knowledge of the railroad industry and the laws that apply to it.

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