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Whether you already have an existing website in need of improvement, or in search of a new and original site, our team of Web Developers and Graphic Artists have the experience and creativity to make any idea a reality. We will continue to work with the client from the beginning design and idea to the final completed website. Even after the site is done and you are 100% satisfied with the work we’ve done for you, we’ll continue to maintain and keep your site as marketable as possible.

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The following legal domain names are for sale:

New York Immigration Lawyer*
New York Accident Lawyer*


*Domains with Design can be purchased without the design.

For more information, contact one of LawyerFind's sales representatives at 1.866.353.6800, or e-mail New York Lawyer Locator Customer Service.

[ Focus And Resource Site ]

Many law firms have sites that have over crowed graphics or use flash animation which are not search engine friendly. Other Lawyers have multiple practice areas or are located in multiple geographic locations. Creating a Legal Focus-Site gives you a second web site to focus on a different group of keywords and a different legal practice area. Having multiple web sites with search engines will give users more opportunities to find and visit your site.

A Legal Focus-Site is a second web site that uses researched keywords and a unique domain name associated with your practice area and/or geographic location. A Legal Focus-Site enables Firms to incorporate new client-case inquiries based on a direct target market approach.

A Legal Focus-Site may have between 5-50 pages and is a search engine friendly website that is linked with your main site. Legal Focus-Sites are designed for Firms to take advantage of potential PPC and PPI marketing campaigns. (See Pay-Per-Click for more information on PPC)




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